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Oriki Delix

Of Afrika Band

This song is about 75% complete with what remains to be done expected to be completed in time for a release between the end of August to Mid-September. This song takes the form of an Oriki. For those who are unfamiliar with Yoruba Spiritual System, an Oriki is a song/poem that is chanted in Praise to an Orisa or to Ancestral Spirit(s) Yet another song from us, paying homage to our original Heritage. Really nice melodic song with a very driving bass and some exotic drumming on the bongo drums. The drums used in this song were tuned to C Major and the song itself is in the key of C Major. The vocal track will be re-done. This song speaks to Esu Ola Ilu, Baba Sango as well as the Ori. It also names a number of Orisas and while it is mostly in Yoruba, it features seven different languages in total. It ends by saying in Yoruba 'Ede kan ko to rara' which means 'One language is NOT enough', then it lists the seven.The languages spoken in this song as as follows:


  1. Yoruba (Main language)
  2. Kiswahili
  3. Douala
  4. Akan
  5. Ewe
  6. Sesoto
  7. IsiZulu


For more details on this and ALL our songs you need to visit the ChillRoom. There is a FREE VERSION that is just a bit rough but like we said, it is FREE. The refined version will be on iTunes for the release. You may either download the FREE VERSION from Soundcloud or from right here on our website. Hope you like it. CHEERS!!!

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