Oriki Delix

Of Afrika Band

This song is about 75% complete with what remains to be done expected to be completed in time for a release between the end of August to Mid-September. This song takes the form of an Oriki. For those who are unfamiliar with Yoruba Spiritual System, an Oriki is a song/poem that is chanted in Praise to an Orisa or to Ancestral Spirit(s) Yet another song from us, paying homage to our original Heritage. Really nice melodic song with a very driving bass and some exotic drumming on the bongo drums. The drums used in this song were tuned to C Major and the song itself is in the key of C Major. The vocal track will be re-done. This song speaks to Esu Ola Ilu, Baba Sango as well as the Ori. It also names a number of Orisas and while it is mostly in Yoruba, it features seven different languages in total. It ends by saying in Yoruba 'Ede kan ko to rara' which means 'One language is NOT enough', then it lists the seven.The languages spoken in this song as as follows:


  1. Yoruba (Main language)
  2. Kiswahili
  3. Douala
  4. Akan
  5. Ewe
  6. Sesoto
  7. IsiZulu


For more details on this and ALL our songs you need to visit the ChillRoom. There is a FREE VERSION that is just a bit rough but like we said, it is FREE. The refined version will be on iTunes for the release. You may either download the FREE VERSION from Soundcloud or from right here on our website. Hope you like it. CHEERS!!!

Orisa Oya

Of Afrika Band

This song is about 85% complete with what remains to be done expected to be completed in time for a release between the end of August to Mid-September. Yet another song from us, paying homage to the Orisas. Really nice melodic song with the wah guitar (i.e. track to be re-done) coming to the front ever so often with its wailing and very sobering aura which is in keeping with the personality of this particular Orisa. There is a FREE VERSION that is just a bit rough but like we said, it is FREE. The refined version will be on iTunes for the release. You may either download the FREE VERSION from Soundcloud or from right here on our website. Hope you like it. CHEERS!!!

Dancing With Osun

Of Afrika Band

Almost finished fine-tuning this song. Really nice melodic song and guess what? We are giving it away FREE of cost. You may either download it from Soundcloud or from right here on our website. Hope you like it. CHEERS!!!

New Sticker

Of Afrika Band


Just completed this and had to share. As am sure we all know, one cannot suppress one's creative desires for too long.  No matter how one tries, after a while it simply explodes and comes rushing out through one's ears, eyes, nose and mouth ha ha ha. 

New Sticker - Roots Afrika Song

Of Afrika Band - Rootz Afrika

Had to share this with you. A New Sticker that we did to promote our upcoming song Rootz Afrika. Here is the link to a chopped up demo of the song






New Sticker - Blades Of Grass

Of Afrika Band - Blades Of Grass

Yet another of our new song stickers. This one done for promoting our song Blades Of Grass. ENJOY!!! Here is a link to an old video of that song


New Sticker - AJ Blues Jam

Of Afrika Band - AJ Blues Jam

Yet another of our new stickers. This one for AJ Blues Jam. This is really a misnomer because the song is really of the blues genre. It is smooth jazz ha ha ha. Please don't ask how did that happen. Here is a link to a video for the song


New Sticker - Of Afrika Band

Of Afrika Band

Our newest Band Sticker. Yes we have been very busy working in Social Media and doing graphics work to promote ourselves. Here is a link to our discography on iTunes.

DrumSet Update

Of Afrika Band

Got some more news to share with you our friends. We are still awaiting feedback on the Traps Drumset that is neing worked on my bredren Junior. Also had a meeting at the Jamaica Association of Composers and Publishers (JACAP) and Desi Roots is also a member so I got a chance to chat with him afterwards. He too is still working on trying to locate a suitable drum set for us. The really sad thing about all this is, our rehearsals will be on hold until we obtain a drumtset. It is also affecting band chemistry but we are trusting that this too shall pass. We got lots of studio work to do as we are trying to release this new EP later this year and there are about seven or eight songs that we will need to complete in order to do so.


Drumset In Sight (I Think)

Of Afrika Band

Well I had a chat with a bredren who I had not seen from about 1967 while in prep school, but who I know is a drummer. We have chatted a few times last year on the telephone but had not met in person. So happens that last week I had stopped by Music Mart and was looking at some drums and met up with this drummer who was surprisingly very very tall but we had a great chat and I met another gentleman whose gave his name at the time, anyway I couldn't stay very long as I had to go pick up one of my axes from Prekke. Well a few mornings ago i called up my buddy from prep school and told him of my predicament and asked if he had a drumset that he could sell. He told me that he has a friend with a set that was for sale and he gave me his friends name. Well I remembered that I had met this friend at Music Mart last week and I said what a coincidence and told him that I met this bredren at Music Mart lastweek. I told him that I met his friend who was there with a very tall drummer and lo and hehold he started to laugh and told me, he was the tall drummer that I met too. So we both started to laugh, what a remarkable coincidence. The last time I saw him he was a bit shorter than me at the time and had a little more weight around his middle. We were both about 7 years old at the time. Well, so happens he is trying to get a set for me. Told me he sold one to a friend who has it just sitting in a room and not being used. Well we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed while hoping that this works out. Here is what it looks like.

of Afrika - Traps1


Of Afrika - Traps 2

Rootz Afrika Update

Of Afrika BandHad a discussion with Desi Roots last night. He was working on the Rootz Afrika song. I suspect that there are going to be changes that he wants us to make. We are absolutely fine with that. He is still working on locating a drumset for us as well. In the mean time I am working on the progression for Blood On Their Hands and I Love You [Message To The World]. Will let you know as soon as we are ready with these songs. Am also working on Curtain Of Rain and trying to finish the lyrics on Righteous Rastaman, Take It Back and A Day Of Praise.

14K Followers And Rising

Of Afrika BandYES!!! Our Twitter followers continue to support us by asking their friends and their followers to follow us too. We love you all for this and we can never thank you enough. Lastnight we passed over the fourteen thousand threshold in terms of follower count and YES we are very happy about this. We ask that you continue to support us by retweeting our tweets and asking your followers to follow us as well. We continue our search for a suitable drumset and we ask you to continue to bear with us. Please keep coming back to check out our posts. CHEERS!!!

Sneak Peek at Rootz Afrika

Of Afrika BandHello, hello, hello. Yes we have decided to grant some of your wishes. To this end we have decided to share a 'snippet' of Rootz Afrika DEMO that was recorded a few days ago. We wish to point out  that the voice that you will hear is our sax man Shekinah, however Desi Roots will be recording the song with us and Shekinah will be on sax and probably background vocals if nededed, when we hit the studio. Note also that we have inserted a disturbances in this sneak peek (for obvious reasons) and the entire thing is just about 54 seconds whereas the song when recorded will be about 3:45 minutes. Here is the link That is all for now so please keep checking back with us. CHEERS!!!


Hunting A Drumset & Rootz Afrika Update

Of Afrika BandHad a discussion with Desi Roots yesterday and gave him the demo for Rootz Afrika along with the lyrics and chord changes. As a professional and more so, a well established internationally acclaimed singer he may want to make a few changes to the melody that we gave to him, He might even want a few chord changes too. That is fine with all of us in Of Afrika. I also asked for his help in locating a drumset for us. We have a very limited budget and besides, we don't really need a 'top of the line' set just yet. We will build slowly as we go along. YES it may make perfect sense to get a world class set right from the start but we are unable to do as a consequence of budgetary constraints. Desi is well connected AND well respected so we are definitely looking forward to positive results from him on this search. Well, that is all for now but keep coming back and checking out out website. Remember to keep the comments and feedback coming. We read EVERY ONE of them. CHEERS!!!

New Drummer

Of Afrika BandYes, we got a drummer. Mr Oraine Wallace. Will be saying more about him and posting his information here on our website, in a little while. As you can see, little by little we are moving ahead. We will be giving away a few songs in the very near future, so please keep in touch with us here at our website, because when we start giving them away, we will NOT be tweeting about it, we will simply post the notices and the links here. How selfish is that? Ha ha ha. Naw, not selfish, we just want you our friends to keep coming back and checking us out at all times. Our website is our home on The Internet and it is as much yours as it is ours. We want you to enjoy it just as much as we do. We have been getting a lot of feedback/comments and we do look forward to ALL such and we will act of those which we believe we can do quite easily, first. Others may need some more thought and planning on our part but we WILL eventually get to action ALL the suggestions that we have received so far. So until out next posting, stay safe, enjoy our music and live your life the way it pleases YOU (ie. providing that does NOT include interfering anyone else's life). CHEERS and Ase!!!

Demo for Rootz Afrika

Of Afrika Band

Just completed the demo of Rootz Afrika using an automated rhythm section and percussions. Sending the demo to Desi Roots now for him to familiarise himself with the song and how we play it. Sounding KILLER even if we say so. The voice on the demo is none ofther than that of our Sax man Mr Shekina Ade-Gold. Bredren you are an absolutely great singer. Nuff love and respec' fih dat. Blessings. NO we are not going to give a pre-release. Sorry but you our dear beloved friends will have to await the completed song and download it from iTunes. It will be worth the wait though. It is what we do. Roots Reggae. Until such time. Blessings everyone. Thank you so much for checking this out. CHEERS!!!

Desi Roots to record Rootz Afrika with The Of Afrika Band

Of Afrika Band

A lot has happened since our last update. We are still without a drummer however we are taking steps to remedy that situation. Together with this we are getting ready to record a song which we wrote some time back in either late 2014 or early 2015. This is none other than Roots Afrika and my bonafide bredren, veteran singer and internationally aclaimed personality Mr Desmond Young aka Desi Roots has agreed to do this song with us. This man is a genius and he was there when it all started. He used to sing along with such singers as the late great Mr Jacob 'Killa' Miller and was a resident performer at the famous Jonkanoo Lounge. His music is exceptional and here we provide a quick YouTube link to some for you https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=desi+roots BIG Love fih yuh Desi Roots. Big Respec' mih bredren.

New Band Sticker

Of Afrika Band

Did this band sticker today and started tweeting it. Seems to be going quite well too in that it draws persons to our website. Lets see how it goes. CHEERS!!!



Work Continues On Our Website

Of Afrika Band

Work continues on our website as little by little we are getting it done. The New Year has started and we are still trying to locate a suitable place in which to rehearse. This is further complicated by the fact that persons as far away as Europe and Asia have asked to watch us rehearse. We always welcome requests such as these and we trust we will be able to visit with you soon. There is a drummer with whom I have previously worked who I am thinking of using again. Lets us see if he will be happy to come work with us. 


Rehearsal Space Needed!!!

Of Afrika Band

We are desperately seeking rehearsal space. We may have to start rehearsing somewhere that is less than satisfactory though. Got a lot of work coming up hence we gotta be ready.


Periscope App

Of Afrika Band

Ok, so a few persons have messaged me, wanting to see our rehearsals live. Well we might just decide to accomodfate you, by broadcasting our rehearsals live via the Periscope App, but first we have to put it to a vote. So if you really want to be there right in the mix with us as we rehearse, we are suggesting that you install the app right away and follow @akua_kamau there.

Band & Website Reorganization

Of Afrika Band

We have been reorganising ourselves and as such have been very busy for the past couple of weeks. Our website have also been undergoing some amount of reorganisation and rework. We now have a Splash Screen as well as a Members page on which we highlight our members with clickable images which allow our friends and site visitors to view band members' bio. This is still a work in progress hence not all the information has been posted just yet. There are two vacancies which we hope to fill in the very near future especially that of the drummer. Addiyionally, we wish to find a female who does vocals and ideally is also a percussionist.

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