Demo for Rootz Afrika

Of Afrika Band

Just completed the demo of Rootz Afrika using an automated rhythm section and percussions. Sending the demo to Desi Roots now for him to familiarise himself with the song and how we play it. Sounding KILLER even if we say so. The voice on the demo is none ofther than that of our Sax man Mr Shekina Ade-Gold. Bredren you are an absolutely great singer. Nuff love and respec' fih dat. Blessings. NO we are not going to give a pre-release. Sorry but you our dear beloved friends will have to await the completed song and download it from iTunes. It will be worth the wait though. It is what we do. Roots Reggae. Until such time. Blessings everyone. Thank you so much for checking this out. CHEERS!!!

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