Drumset In Sight (I Think)

Of Afrika Band

Well I had a chat with a bredren who I had not seen from about 1967 while in prep school, but who I know is a drummer. We have chatted a few times last year on the telephone but had not met in person. So happens that last week I had stopped by Music Mart and was looking at some drums and met up with this drummer who was surprisingly very very tall but we had a great chat and I met another gentleman whose gave his name at the time, anyway I couldn't stay very long as I had to go pick up one of my axes from Prekke. Well a few mornings ago i called up my buddy from prep school and told him of my predicament and asked if he had a drumset that he could sell. He told me that he has a friend with a set that was for sale and he gave me his friends name. Well I remembered that I had met this friend at Music Mart last week and I said what a coincidence and told him that I met this bredren at Music Mart lastweek. I told him that I met his friend who was there with a very tall drummer and lo and hehold he started to laugh and told me, he was the tall drummer that I met too. So we both started to laugh, what a remarkable coincidence. The last time I saw him he was a bit shorter than me at the time and had a little more weight around his middle. We were both about 7 years old at the time. Well, so happens he is trying to get a set for me. Told me he sold one to a friend who has it just sitting in a room and not being used. Well we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed while hoping that this works out. Here is what it looks like.

of Afrika - Traps1


Of Afrika - Traps 2

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