Hunting A Drumset & Rootz Afrika Update

Of Afrika BandHad a discussion with Desi Roots yesterday and gave him the demo for Rootz Afrika along with the lyrics and chord changes. As a professional and more so, a well established internationally acclaimed singer he may want to make a few changes to the melody that we gave to him, He might even want a few chord changes too. That is fine with all of us in Of Afrika. I also asked for his help in locating a drumset for us. We have a very limited budget and besides, we don't really need a 'top of the line' set just yet. We will build slowly as we go along. YES it may make perfect sense to get a world class set right from the start but we are unable to do as a consequence of budgetary constraints. Desi is well connected AND well respected so we are definitely looking forward to positive results from him on this search. Well, that is all for now but keep coming back and checking out out website. Remember to keep the comments and feedback coming. We read EVERY ONE of them. CHEERS!!!

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