Afrika Uprizing

Akua KamauThis has been in the making for a while now but I just got the inspiration to put this page together and in so doing give an insight into what is happening on this particular project. For starters, this is a Spoken Word project so for the first time my voice will be carried on one of my recordings. I am not a singer, I really don't sing well, so you will not be hearing me doing any singing. Besides, I really want people to purchase the record and if I sing, they wont. LOL LOL LOL. I will only be speaking and Swahili is the language of choice. I will speak to the Ancestors, to the land, the animals and to notable African Leaders who have transitioned and who are now sitting amongst the Ancestors. Those leaders who have been selected so far are as follows:

  1. Tata Madiba (Nelson Mandela)
  2. Patrice Lumumba
  3. Bantu Steve Biko
  4. Miriam Makeba
  5. Oliver Tambo (just added as at the time of writing)

I think I will add maybe another one or two leaders before starting the actual recording.  I have not yet fully decided whether this will be to a hiphop beat or to a more measured rhythmic African drum sequence. I have previously said that it will be a hiphop beat, however as these things go, I am never certain about anything until after completing the song itself. At present I am aiming for a duration of between five (5) and seven (7) minutes however that too may change. There are a lot of things that I could say about this track but I wont. I don't want to spoil the initial effect for you, when you hear it for the very first time. What I can say is that it will exude power. Nuff said. These decisions will be made with deep meditation and inspiration from the Ancestors. Afrika Uprizing!!!

Akua Kamau

Akua KamauAkua Kamau

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